Thursday, May 13, 2010

Writing Exercise: Hobart Shakespearians

I think what makes Rafe a visionary, is his passion. I have never heard of him before this documentry but after it, i felt like his passion is contagious. I couldnt imagine having him as a teacher, that passion would have to rub off on you. I liked the fact that he expresses "my passion is passed down to the students". This points out that the only reason he is as passionate as he is, is because of the students, they inspire him to be passionate about what he does.I believe that his passion is a very effective teaching style. I also like the fact that he implements music into his classroom. I think music is overlooked in school these days, it gives the student another artistic element that they can use. Rafe seemed to be a very inspiring man, inspiring his students to never give up on a goal that he or she may have. It was inspiring to see how all the children were interested in what Rafe was teaching, they seemed to take a liking to his teaching style. On the last day of class, most of his students were crying, i dont know if it was because they were sad to be leaving his class, or happy that they had the chance to learn under Rafe.

A goal I have for next year would be to keep going to school, and stay focused on the task at hand. Aside from school another goal i am going to set for my self is finding a way to keep my mind sharp through the summer. I am going to be working all summer but i want to make sure my mind doesnt completly shut down.

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