Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rafe is definitely a visionary. He is a visionary because he wants to better the children he is teaching and improve their lives. He is passionate about his teaching and puts his full effort into it. He wants these kids to grow up knowing they can live a productive life, even though maybe there lives aren’t that bright and there is a lot of negativity. This is demonstrated when he said, “I want them to say they are Americans.” This shows that he wants them to feel like they can and are Americans even though they are a different ethnicity. His teaching style is effective because he incorporates his teaching into sports which I think is a great way to get the children to learn. By relating it to sports, the children were better able to learn. What was inspiring in the film was the way that the learning made the children relate it to their own lives and you could feel the passion of the children because they sometimes even cried. This showed how the learning of Shakespeare went deeper into the lives of the children.
One goal that I have for the next year is to continue to do well in college and make the Dean’s list every quarter and improve my GPA. I want to continue to get the most out of my college experience.


  1. I agree that he has noble aspirations for these children. However, I didn't agree with all of his beliefs. I also like your goals for next year. It's similar to mine! ;)

  2. yeah, it takes a powerful teacher to make 5th and 6th graders cry about shakespear. I don't think Shakespear had ever even made me cry. and, I think we both know, I cry quite easily. :)