Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hobart Shakespearians

I would say that Rafe is a visionary because he's able to see the jewel in every student and polish them until they shine. He says" Children are more likely to eat well when there is more on the menu" and that is how he approaches his teaching. He gives the students the opportunities to find themselves and discover their own individual identities as well as learn what it means to be an American. I liked how he set an example for his students which helped to show his commitment to them. I also thought it was great that he taught history by actually going to historic places and getting a more in depth understanding. I agree that it is of utmost importance to start getting kids on the right track early. A goal that I have for this next year is to try not to be so controlling over things I have no control over. As redundant as that may seem it is in great part adding worries to my life that are unnecessary.


  1. That is a great goal to have for yourself, because I also have problems trying to control everything and it is hard to be carefree when you want things to work out a certain way. Things have a way of working out for the best eventually though. :)

  2. I liked that quote as well and just like you, as soon as I heard it I thought it had a deeper meaning. He gives them all of these opportunities to decide for themselves what they enjoy and what they want to be good at. I have always thought that the more kids are exposed to, the broader their horizons will be. If you don't give them options, they will have a small box to live out of. It's easy to want to control things because we're only human but it's good that you recognize that it adds stress. We don't control everything.