Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Hobart Shakespearians

After watching this film I think its clear that Rafe is a visionary for several different reasons. One of the big reasons that i noticed was how he realized what the kids would go onto do in middle school and how he didn't like it. He even said that he considered himself failing as a teacher his first few years because of it. As a result of this, he took it upon himself to really connect with the kids in his class and make a big imprint on their lives. Another reason I'd say hes a visionary is because he talked about how much he sacrificed to give the kids a chance at a better education. For instance, he said he was working four jobs at one point in his career to provide money for the trips he wanted to take the class on every year. Looking back on it he said it was stupid because it almost killed him, but it paid off because one of his former students who went into law started a funding organization to provide for the class because of how inspirational Rafe was.

The whole film was pretty inspirational. Going along with the whole American Dream theme from Holding On, I think Rafe was giving all of the students he taught a chance at living it. He had the one student whose past teacher lost hope in and said she couldn't teach him, and Rafe made him good enough to play Hamlet.

The most troubling parts of the film were when the kids rose their hands when Rafe asked if they had drug or family problems at home. I dont think kids should ever be put through that type of environment. The other troubling part was when the school went on lock down because of a shooting or something that happened in the area. The kids didn't even seem phased because of how often that happens in their community.

The quote that I chose was "I could make more money, but I don't know if I could have a better job." This just shows that Rafe is doing something he truly enjoys doing. That plays a big role in how inspirational he is to the students as well because hes doing it because he wants to.

One goal that I have for myself in the next year is to intern at a company for something in the computer field. I know of a company that my friend interned at for networking and I'm thinking that's where i want to go, i just need to get the motivation to go and apply and get to know the people.

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  1. In all honesty though think about yourself. You have had school lock down before and society itself is pretty well desensitized to the things that happen all around us. It only becomes a major issue when it makes the news and then all the people who care or just the people who want to be part of the crowd start popping up everywhere because the news wants to make a big deal out of it and get ratings. Outside of that little town or big town where it happened there are few and far between who really give a dam about what happened. It may be a conversation piece that goes something like, oh wow that's horrible someone should do something about it, those poor kids, and then they continue on to talk about the regular daily things that occur in their lives.