Thursday, May 13, 2010

hobart shakespearians

Rafe's idea's of being nice and hard working can get you anywhere you want to go is a great way to try to get through to people. Children especially at the age they are in this film is most definitely a good time to try to get to them. It's inspiring in the fact that maybe these kid's will change or alter their future's if they don't he didn't lose but if they do he opened the door for them to walk through. My goal is one in the same as their's... i'm trying to get through college and get a degree in engineering and possibly go back into the Army. I may just get a job as a civilian but i'm not going to close doors to ideas. there definitely are some serious problem's with the up bringings of the children that have to worry about abusive family or living in poverty but that's what you have to work through.


  1. Yea, the kids home-lives are pretty sad so its good to have people like Rafe around to try and make an impact for the better on their lives.

  2. I totally agree with. If you tell these kids at this age that it is possible for them to have a better life, then they will believe that and actually shoot for a better life.

  3. It is very sad that these children have such hard lives, especially since they have no control over any of it. I hope he did make a difference in the future lives of those kids.