Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Hobart Shakespearians

Rafe's group of students are amazing and inspirational. I can't imagine doing the reading material that they do in 5th grade. Most of the books these young children are reading were required books in high school for me. Rafe's teaching is something I wish we had more of. He encourages teamwork, respect, learning big vocabulary words, and he gives these children the desire to be true to themselves.

What I enjoyed most was Rafe's determination to make a difference in these childrens lives. They have grown up in dangerous neighborhoods, violent households, and they've been exposed to friends and family members who have been involved in drugs. Rafe said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of pure." I thought this quote was very powerful. It shows that if you show these children you care, like the young boy who played Hamlet, then they can grow up to be more than what other people have tried to confine them to.

A goal I have for school is a simple one. To continue to do well. I really would like to graduate with a 3.5 or higher and I'm determined to make a difference in other kids lives. I also want to be a teacher, but I'd like to teach high school. I believe high school is the hardest level for inspiring students to enjoy reading and writing. By high school the students usually already have their opinions set on literature and I want to strive to make the students who hate English rethink that idea.


  1. I picked that quote as well. I felt like it was a very cool quote because he wants to push these kids to their full potential and he is starting young. I like your goal because I also love English and I wanted to work in a high school setting as well.

  2. I agree with your post. There is a severe lack of good teachers in schools today and I think that reflects on a students willingness to learn.