Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hobart Shakespearians - Rafe

I found the documentary about Rafe pretty uplifting. I could tell right out the bat why he was considered a great teacher. The tone of his voice was calming and he seemed very interested in what he was doing. I think the year-round school aspect helps his students because, since they live in a bad town, they can spend more time there and focus on their learning. How he handled discipline was interesting as well. I liked how he took the students aside and had them explain what they did wrong. Little kids are quick to resent those who humiliate them in front of their friends and it's unnecessary. The respect they had for him alone sounds like it's enough to keep them from messing up again. The effect his class had was really put into perspective when he talked about his former students. The student who became a lawyer and made Rafe's trips its own non-profit organization was pretty cool because it helps both Rafe and the students who will take his class in the future. Being a musician, I really liked how he implemented the use of instruments with his class. It gives students a sense of rhythm and helps them with the basic concepts of math and making sure they fit the correct number of different note types into the bars.

The quote I picked out from the movie was Rafe saying "Each of you are so individually special." I think this is a really good statement, especially to younger kids. A huge issue kids have is building self-esteem and teachers constantly berating them doesn't help with that, so I liked that he made sure the kids were learning and also felt good about themselves.

A goal I have for myself in the next year is to keep myself motivated with schooling when I move down to Columbus in the fall. I'll have a lot more to do socially so it will be harder to keep my grades up so I will have to constantly keep myself focused so I can enjoy myself without failing out of college.


  1. It's very true how each child is significantly special and unique. Many teachers aren't as patient as Rafe, or as helpful. Many of my teachers from elementary did the whole, "you should have been paying attention" "we've been over this." And it really discouraged me as a kid. But, I'm extremely thankful for the teachers I had along the way that didn't listen to the past teachers who may not have liked me. Lets just say I was a social butterfly. :)

  2. I loved that quote too! I mean it has to be especially important to these students who probably don't have many people to remind them of this. I love how passionate he is about teachings these students what he loves. I think because he loves it so much, they begin to love it. It almost seems contagious. Keep up the good work-it may be a little harder to stay focused but if your goals are in mind, you'll do just fine.