Friday, June 4, 2010

In Memory

Like rays of sunshine
The memory of their smiles
Warmed your weary soul:
Something golden to treasure,
Recalling motive
Life in the land of death,
Hope in the ache of despair.

Lonely in the cold and dark,
And longing for home,
Your bloody footprints marked snow
At Valley Forge.
Surrounded by pain and death,
Despair took its hold
As support left in Vietnam.

Closing your eyes to escape,
The fear still remained.
Death and life vied for control
Amid the gunfire.
Friends fell; you almost forgot
All the reasons why
You endured pain, tempted death.

Red stripes signify
The price that you bravely paid.
Blood flow is the debt
Liberty always demands.
Proudly raise the flag
And hope they will remember
All that love cost.

America, Land of Contradictions

In America we breathe free
In America we breathe pollution as American SUVs spew out their poisonous gases.
In America we speak freely
In America we rarely speak.

In America we live in the land of opportunity
In America you only have opportunity if you're name if Rockefeller.

In America we declare, give us your poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free
In America we cry out close the boarders, your kind is not welcome here.
In America we embrace your different skin color, religion, and culture
In America I suggest you assimilate, melt into the pot.

In America we have religious freedom for all
In America we are a Christian nation, you heathen pagans need to respect our beliefs.

In America we love democracy, freedom and equality for all
In America our representatives represent their own agendas.
In America Jefferson said, "All men are created equal"
In America did Jefferson mean to include his slaves?

In America we have freedom of the press
In America the press is controlled by a few like a communist nation.

In America we provide for all of our citizens equally
In America you need to get a job, stop living off my tax dollars, bum.
In America you're free to be lefty, or a far righty
In America those liberals are sending this god fearing, gun toting, freedom loving nation to hell in a hand basket real fast.

In America we stand strongly erect, proud like the steel framed skyscrapers planted across our cities
In America our foundation is cracking faster than the rotten buildings littering our ghettos.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Roses of Arlington

The lost order of the sons of liberty
Lies in the neat tally of white stones,
Where the chaos of destruction
Becomes the order of memory.

Cold marble to mark a life passed
Adorned with wreaths of dying roses,
Cut from stem to serve their dues,
To flourish as a symbol and die.

No one sees a rose in death,
They wilt and fade to dust;
A rose is always full and pure,
Always blooming in the face of love.

This emblem of the bravery of love
Lives forever as a symbol of unity.

Haunted By Guilt. Safe At Home

I blink, my heart beats thick with blood and sin,
Wiping sweat drenched brow, tears pour out my eyes.
The gun grows heavy in my hands, I sigh
It mocks and laughs as my knees touch the earth.

But the gun is gone, I awake in town.
The Clearwater sun never shined so bright.
Still, darkness takes hold of my every thought
I can't escape the things I leave behind.

I turn and see her brilliant eyes shining,
They glimmer in the radiant sun rays.
I blink, she is gone again from my sight.
If only I could run, escape her reach.

My rack is made, I set off with ALICE
Get ready, grab my cover, and stand by.
Pass inspection, and see a great abyss,
Unconscious thoughts surface, I can't go back.

I blink, I suppress her pretty image
Innocence can never be forgotten.