Friday, June 4, 2010

In Memory

Like rays of sunshine
The memory of their smiles
Warmed your weary soul:
Something golden to treasure,
Recalling motive
Life in the land of death,
Hope in the ache of despair.

Lonely in the cold and dark,
And longing for home,
Your bloody footprints marked snow
At Valley Forge.
Surrounded by pain and death,
Despair took its hold
As support left in Vietnam.

Closing your eyes to escape,
The fear still remained.
Death and life vied for control
Amid the gunfire.
Friends fell; you almost forgot
All the reasons why
You endured pain, tempted death.

Red stripes signify
The price that you bravely paid.
Blood flow is the debt
Liberty always demands.
Proudly raise the flag
And hope they will remember
All that love cost.

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