Thursday, June 3, 2010

Haunted By Guilt. Safe At Home

I blink, my heart beats thick with blood and sin,
Wiping sweat drenched brow, tears pour out my eyes.
The gun grows heavy in my hands, I sigh
It mocks and laughs as my knees touch the earth.

But the gun is gone, I awake in town.
The Clearwater sun never shined so bright.
Still, darkness takes hold of my every thought
I can't escape the things I leave behind.

I turn and see her brilliant eyes shining,
They glimmer in the radiant sun rays.
I blink, she is gone again from my sight.
If only I could run, escape her reach.

My rack is made, I set off with ALICE
Get ready, grab my cover, and stand by.
Pass inspection, and see a great abyss,
Unconscious thoughts surface, I can't go back.

I blink, I suppress her pretty image
Innocence can never be forgotten.

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