Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hobart Shakespearians Writing Exercise

Rafe is a unique teacher who geniuely cares for his students by raising their self esteem with things like "Go Power", "Be nice and Work Hard and "Each student is Special". He definely is a visionary and he posts hard questions to his students to make choices and he uses the game technique for teaching his students to have fun while learning. He believes in his students and he tries to distill them to believe in themselves. He is unique in a way of teaching his students about Shakespear and he reads from the books and later on has his students act out themes from the books. He brings in famous actors to talk to the students. His students relate to the charactors in the books and uses the themes in the readings to inspire and teach vocabulary and displine to his students. In the film I thought that killing the TV was a bit extreme and talking about death in Shakespear was a little troubling since these students will have enough time in their lives to learn about death. The students shared their goals of doing better at things that they are already doing, so I am going to finish my degree in Psychology and hopefully get a job
in the field of study.

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