Sunday, May 23, 2010

Interviewing Mr. Richard Vaughn

As I was scrambling for time to do an interview of the last three people who backed out. I decided to give Mr. Richard Vaughn a call and see if he has an hour of so for me to interview him for this essay which was due on the 14th of May. I called him and he said, sure I could come over and interview him because he was working on matchstick crafts. He informed me that his latest invention of matchstick crafts is birdhouses. Mr. Vaughn told me that the main reason he does the crafts is for the money but not so much anymore since he gives away more than he sells. He explains to me that it is more of a hobby to pass the time by. I, myself, have purchased a jewerly-box and I put in an order for a birdhouse when he gets some made in a month or so. Richard Vaughn is a single-father of an adult daughter and a grandfather of a granddaughter. He is 57 years old and is unemployed. He has health problems from a stroke he had at age 30. He likes to spend his free time doing the matchstick crafts to keep himself busy and to keep his mind busy also. Richard is a very talented artists and has the patience of a "God" when it comes to making these matchstick crafts which take months to make depending on what he is working on.

Mr. Richard Vaughn is a very talented and determined artists who focuses a lot of attention to detail in his matchstick crafts which he has informed me no one else in the area does what he does. I feel he should be going to a college of Art rather than a HAVC Technician College to be an electrician and repairman of Heating and Air conditioning. His talent shouldn't be wasted since it is what he like to do and if you love something than you should be doing it.

He should have his talent recognized since he has a heart of "Gold" when it comes to making these matchstick crafts because he puts everything he has into making them and you should do what you love and you should not throw it away if you have the opportunity to share it with the world.

As I was writing this paper, I realized that this man is a true American because he does what he loves and has the freedom to do so and that is what it is all about. He has the freedom we all wish we had and for him to share his dream of matchstick crafts with me is an honor. Mr. Richard Vaughn is truly a dreamer and a visionary of all talented artists.

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  1. Thats great that he appreciates his position and doesn't lavish in the fact.