Friday, May 21, 2010

Pastor David

I met Pastor David Hudson two years ago at the old Community United Church on a Wednesday night service, which only had about ten people attending. Even though, on approach, you would think Pastor David is an intimating man, standing 6’7”, he will hardly look you in the eye as he shakes your hand while greeting you. I still remember how quick our first few handshakes were. He is probably the shyest person you will ever meet, until he begins preaching about Jesus. When Pastor David starts preaching the word of God he gets loud, he moves around a lot, and he even uses props sometimes to aide his sermon. Pastor David is one of the most influential people in my life and I hope his story inspires you as much as it does me.
Growin’ up, I didn’t have a relationship with God. I just went to church. It was Thursday night. October the 13, 1988. It started out as a normal Thursday night, me and my buddy was driving to church [pause] recklessly, might I add. I sat in the last pew in the back, way in the corner. I got this feelin’ in my heart; Jesus was callin’ me to the alter. I left behind a friend that day in the pew but, I gained a best friend who come into my heart and will never forsake me. I was cryin’ like a baby all the way up to the alter. I've got a Pentecostal background and I've seen it all. We can't confine God. I guess that’s the good thing I like about God: he's unpredictable.
I always stress in church that it’s not about religion. It’s about havin’ a relationship with God. God knows everything about us. He knows the very intent of our heart. I believe he wants us to express our heart, he wants us to communicate with him. I believe he wants us to speak what is in our heart. We oughta serve God while we have the chance. I’m not perfect either. When I preach, I’m not just preachin’ to the church. I’m preachin’ to myself too. Some people think I get to excited and loud when I preach. But, I can’t help getting’ excited about the Lord. If they don’t like it, well. I’m sorry. They say Preacher, "why do you get all excited?" If you have to ask, you probably don't understand.
There's a lot of people who do not know Jesus. Jesus is within you and I. There's coming a day when, the bible says, the love of many will wax cold. The bible says in the last days the perilous times shall come. I believe we're in those days. We've got to work now. You are the only Bible that some people may read. You are the only church service someone may attend. You can win a soul to Christ without saying a word, amen, because they see the life you live. They see the example you set. Sometimes if you're not careful, you can miss out on God. 
There’s a lot of churches across the land today, amen they have everything. Amen, everything they have is a little more perfect than what we have. Amen, they have a better program, singers, speakers, amen praise God but if they don't have the spirit of God they're just gathered together in vain. That’s my heart intent:  any time we gather in together in his house I want Jesus to pass by.
It’s Proverbs 29 and 18, “Where there is no vision the people perish, but he that keepth the law, happy is he.” My vision will never change. This is what I stand for, [holding a picture frame] it says: “I will do great things through you, if you will only trust me.”…As clear as a bell I heard those words. And you say, Preacher you done lost it. I will stand on my dying breath on that word. He will do great things through me, if I will trust him. If you have a vision, if you have a goal in your life, if you have something you’re striving for to obtain, it doesn’t matter that you’re in the lowest valley in your life. Yes it affects you, yes it hurts, yes this flesh is tested at times, yes we cry, yes we’re confused. Amen, but praise God the whole time. Our eyes should be fixed upon that goal. You say, Pastor Dave! I didn’t hear God say that to me [referring back to the frame.] Well that’s alright. Noah’s wife didn’t hear God tell Noah to build a boat either, but she got on didn’t she?
Pastor David plans on fighting the local school board about teaching Evolution to the kids in school. Even if he does not win the battle, he says that he won’t give up. He also says that just by going to the school board and making an argument he will be making more people aware of God. And by making more people aware of God he can possibly help more nonbelievers become saved. Although Pastor David has a full time job and is raising four children, with his wife Angel, he has just begun his seventh month in the new church building. Community United outgrew the old church, unfortunately, and they hoped the new building would be more accessible and comfortable to the church members. The new church building has already reaching full capacity on Sunday, and Wednesday night services average around thirty people. Pastor David hopes that his church never gives up on a vision and that he can continue to witness “seeing people’s lives change.”


  1. I think it's so funny that this big guy is so shy! I love his dedication to God and his vision. He has some great lessons to teach us about faith. He seems like a great guy; a very fun and enthusiastic person to talk to, and someone who's just on fire for the Lord! Amen. :)

  2. Man! My years as a missionary made me think about going into teaching religion as a career, and I think a danger of that is getting too bogged down in the legalism and the theology which, while it's wonderful and important, can distract from the practical application of religion, which is far more important, so one thing that I admire about a lot of contemporary ministers is their enthusiasm and passion. I love to talk to people like Dave and discuss doctrines and beliefs, because other faiths fascinate me.