Tuesday, April 6, 2010

three cups of tea

Greg Mortenson is trying desperately to raise the twlve thousand dollars needed to build a school in Korphe. He is staying in his car and barely getting by himself to get the money. At the same time he is trying to send letters out to ask for money for this project but is completely lost using a typewriter he had to rent and only getting six letters done a day. Then he goes to rent the typewritter again and the store is closed. He goes to another copy shop and asks to rent a typewritter. He learns that they do not have type writters and the shop owner Kishwar Syed tells him to rent a computer. Greg Mortenson does not know how to use one. Syed learns what he needs to use the computer for and gives Greg lessons on how to use the copy and paste features. Mortenson states that " It was pretty interesting someone from Pakistan helping me become computer literate so I could help Pakistani kids become literate." I picked this quote because of the irony that a Pakistani man was teaching him when his whole struggle over the past year has been education in Pakistan. It also connects to the theme by a computer literate Pakistani man teaching him. It signifies importance of what he is trying to accomplish by building this school in Korphe.

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