Thursday, April 22, 2010

Journal 7

When I was about five years old my grandfather contracted M.S. or Multiple Sclerosis. He was a huge guy and loved to play sports especially basketball. He actually used to be a recruiter and coach awhile back. The disease hit him pretty hard because he was unable to do the things he loved the most. Since that time the M.S. has grown progressively worse and he is in and out of the hospital all the time. Neither my grandma or my grandpa work anymore so this puts a very large stress on thier financial situation.

The charity I would choose to work for would be The National Multiple Sclerosis Society. They are working to find a cure for MS and they are helping people who do have it cope. They are also petitoning the politicians and legislation to make things easier for people with MS. You can actually volunteer to help out or just donate money it is up to you really. This charity is so instrumental in helping so many people who suffer from M.S. it really is a worthy cause!

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  1. That's really sad to hear about your grandpa. Hopefully researchers find something that will make life better for people who have M.S.