Thursday, April 22, 2010

Journal 7 - UAW

If I had 20k I would spend time working for the UAW because there are many places out there without unions that are left without a union to help protect the rights of those people who are unfairly treated because of management or the lack of care that should have been shown to the workers. More specifically I would devote time to the auto industry that is left without unions because there are some line practices that will get many people hurt and retired at an early age and the people who oversee and can make the changes mostly discard those who get hurt and change nothing because it is more costly to fix the process than to attempt to fix the person and later discard them. Going through pain on a daily basis and unable to do the majority of things that you once did completely destroys the life that you once enjoyed and all because a company's profits mean more than it does to the livelihood and the physical person that without you could not make a single profit. People are just another raw material that when they get damaged beyond repair you just throw them away. The places that the UAW is present do not have this issue they end up with many people who actually make it to retirement age and the injuries that they have are from years upon years of doing labor. They aren't from 10 years of doing labor and then they are completely incapable of functioning on doing the majority of daily tasks which they used to do with ease.

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  1. Im glad to see someone post about this...
    I have family that works in a automobile factory, and i worked in one during the summer after graduating high school. Its sad to see how some workers are treated in cases like these. The work is hard on an individuals body, and personally, I feel that some companys don't treat their employees fairly in some cases.