Sunday, April 11, 2010

Three Cups of Tea Ch. 5

The quote I chose came from Chapter 5. At this point Mortenson has set in his mind that he is going to send out at least 500 letters to celebrities, and all sorts of "powerful" people to help fund the school in Korphe. What Mortenson didnt know was how long that would take with an old typewriter. After his first day typing the letters, five hours in, he had only four to send out. Mortenson was thirty-six years old and didnt know how to use a computer. He then went into the Krishna Copy shop and wanted to rent a typewriter. The gentleman at the copy shop was a Pakistani man named Syed, he explains to Mortenson that they dont have typewriters, and that he should try a computer instead. Mortenson tells him that he doesnt know how. Syed learned why Mortenson wanted the typewriter and gave him free tutorials, untill Mortenson could figure it out. The quote from Mortenson was, "Someone from Pakistan helping me become computer literate so I could help Pakistani kids get literate."

This quote has alot of irony it if you look at the situation. Mortenson had sacraficed alot in order to try and help the kids in Pakistan. It would have taken him months to send out 500 letters with a typewriter, and it wasnt very cost effective. This could be seen as a sign for Mortenson that things may be looking up for him.

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