Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pennies Can Move Mountains

In Chapter 5 Mortenson is attempting to raise money to build the school in Pakistan by sending out letters to wealthy and famous people. After about a month Mortenson first reply came from his mother explaining that her students started a penny drive, so far they collected 62,345 pennies. “Children had taken the first step toward building the school,” Mortenson says. “And they did it with something that’s basically worthless in our society-pennies. But overseas, pennies can move mountains.”

I picked this quote because many things in our society are seen as worthless like pennies, but in other parts of the world they are seen as precious. I think we take for granted many of the simple things we have in our lives, and society. This quote also went with the overall theme in this book that one person, or one act can change the world, or move mountains. I also liked this quote, because children were the ones to take the first step to help out other children. To me this quote demonstrated that children are pure, innocent, and generally good.


  1. I liked this quote as well, because it gives a lot of worth to pennies which are sometimes deemed useless and minute but in a larger context these pennies meant a lot to the building of the school.

  2. I liked the fact that these kids were the first to help because it shows how greedy adults can be at times. The kids see the bigger picture and thats to help people.