Thursday, April 22, 2010

Every 40 minutes...

There are many needs in American society that I would be willing to work for. The one need that is closest to my heart is that of helping children with medical conditions. An organization dedicated to this is The Make a Wish Foundation. This organization is close to my heart because it is the nation’s largest wish granting organization and meets the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions. It would be a really emotional and exuberating experience to see the wish of a child with a life threatening medical condition met and to see the joy on their face. I like being around younger children and to be able to help children with medical conditions would be a great experience. Their mission statement speaks volumes to me: “We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy". To fulfill a wish of a child that has nothing to look forward to would be a life changing moment. A lot of these children have good attitudes even though the state they find themselves in. An example of a child that got their wish met is that of 16 year old Adam who just wanted to fly. His wish was to simply to go indoor skydiving. Adam’s wish was fulfilled and he and his friend Tyler were able to go skydiving at Skyventures, an indoor skydiving facility in New Hampshire. Wishes of all kinds are granted by the foundation. The Make a Wish foundation is very particular about the criterion they choose in who gets their wishes granted. There are four steps that one must go through including referral, medical eligibility, finding the true wish and creating joy. An astounding fact is that a wish is granted every 40 minutes, a staggering statistic that shows the caring compassion this organization has for children
This is a very reputable organization that loves to make children feel good and I would love to donate my time and money to this organization.


  1. You are so right Jennifer. This organization does great work. They bring an enormous amount of happiness to children in horrible situations.

  2. I totally agree. This organization is amazing. My friend's little cousin here in Marion, who had some health problems got to Make a Wish! They helped him have surgery and then they came here and had a party for him!