Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Three Cups of Tea

In Chapter 5, Greg Mortenson sets out to do all he can to raise funds for his schools. At one point, Mortenson types up and sends out 580 letters, asking for funds. Mortenson doesn't have his own computer so he goes to a copy shop, Lazer Image. Mortenson has never used a computer before, so the Shop worker, Kishwar Syed helped him out. After Syed finds out why Mortenson is writing out so many letters, he feels that he is obligated to help. Syed states, on page 50, "My village in Pakistan had no school so the importance of what Greg was trying to do was so very dear to me." He continues, "His cause was so great it was my duty to devote myself to help him." I feel that this quote really gives the readers a feel of how Mortensons actions do, and will impact others It puts what Mortenson is doing into perspective. Mortenson is going to directly impact Pakistan by building the school, and providing the children with a chance at an education, and that is very important. With Syed's reaction to Mortensons letters, It really shows how appreciative he is, if hes going to devote himself to Mortenson and his work. I feel that the children who Mortenson directly will be equally appreciative, if not even more.

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  1. I loved this part of the story as well! Having this complete stranger offer to help him because he understands Mortenson's cause is not something that happens very often. In fact, it hardly ever happens. I think that Syed is a symbol for the good things to come from this first school being built.