Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pennies for Pakistan

The quote I chose is in chapter 5. Greg Mortenson went to talk to the children at his mother's school to tell them about his goal and a month later he got a letter from his mother. The quote starts with Mortenson's mom explaining in the letter "that her students had spontaneously launched a 'Pennies for Pakistan' drive. Filling two forty-gallon trash cans, they collected 62,345 pennies. When he deposited the check his mother sent along for $623.45 Mortenson felt like his luck was finally changing".

I chose this quote because of its significance towards his goal. Mortenson has written out 580 letters to raise money, but hasn't gotten any reply. He wouldn't have thought to ask children to help because most people assume it's the rich adults that can really help donate, but out of the blue this group of children gives him the first donation. Mortenson had been feeling really down because he hadn't gotten any replies and this good deed got his spirits up again. It gave him hope.

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