Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Charity that I Believe In

I would donate the 20,000 to the American Cancer Society because I have family and a family history of cancer and I have seen a lot of family and friends die from cancer. I would like the money to go for reseach to cure cancer.
My favorite charity is the American Cancer Society because they have did so much in the cure for cancer like the Cancer Treatments of America which are located in several cities around the world. These Center's not only work toward curing the cancer but curing the patient and using every method possible to get rid of the cancer or cancer's. Using diet, exercise, and psychology and counseling to get the person in shape to fight the cancer. I would love to work for the Cancer Treatment Center's of America because they really want to cure cancer.


  1. Cancer runs heavily in my family as well. Lost quite a few members of it in the past 5 years to it and currently someone just had the cancer return so this is also something that is close to, I believe, almost every single person living today.

  2. I think this is a great organization as well. This issue is near and dear to me as well. Someone very close to me is currently fighting pancreatic cancer.