Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Losing someone is hard, but watching the person pass before your eyes is even harder. In Three Cups of Tea, Relin writes about Greg Mortenson watching his father slowly dying from cancer. The passage that I’d chosen comes from chapter four, Self –Storage.

“ When the weather was fine, he would carry his father outside, shocked by how much weight he had lost, to a lawn chair where he’d sit in the sun. Dempsey, still fixated ,perhaps, on the lush grounds of their compound in Moshi , took great care with his herb garden , and ordered his soon to leave no weeds standing.” ( pg 42)

I choose this quote because I felt drawn to the resistance of Dempsey. He tried not to let the cancer control him, but yet he relied on others to help him. I believe it connects to the ideas that everyone needs a little help and no one can do everything on their own.


  1. I thought this whole part about him and his dad was interesting as well. It really showed how much Greg cared about his dad when he said he was willing to drop out of college to spend his last few weeks or so with him.

    I also think one of the themes of Gregs life is kindness. He comes off as a very nice person, the instances with his dad, christa, and the people back in Korphe.

  2. I loved the this chapter! I really think that Greg got a lot of his courage from his dad, but also his sister, Christa. I think this is one of the main reasons that Greg is doing the things he is doing and why he has accomplished so many things in his life.